With a B.A. in Writing, including research and technical writing along with academic papers and fiction, and with years of published articles and some published fiction behind me, I am well-qualified to research and write documents for clients.

I have researched and written articles for the Telecommunications History Group (some of which have been relocated on their current website to the 2018 entries in their blog), the EV News (a six-issue-a-year magazine tracing the development of alternatively fueled vehicles, sadly now defunct), and various newspapers and literary magazines. In 2004 and again in 2005, I researched extensive background information for Inform, Inc and Energy Futures, covering the use of natural gas to fuel garbage trucks nationwide. This research included tracking down contacts from public and private fleets across the United States and creating profiles and tables with the companiesí current and past fleets, their plans for the future, and their experiences using natural gas.

More recently, I researched various personality theories (especially the Big Five) and other elements of personality and psychology between 2011 and 2013 for my dissertation and a commercial product (the Extreme AI Personality Engine). This research lead to two academic papers, "NPCs as People, Too: The Extreme AI Personality Engine" and "NPCs Vote! Changing Voter Reactions Over Time Using the Extreme AI Personality Engine," available on arxiv.org.

My rates for research and writing are variable, depending on the project and the length of time involved. Typical rates run around $30 per hour.

Please see also my Editing and Design sections for further information about the work I can do for you in publications, both electronic and print. You can also see samples of my writing and research by clicking here.

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