First hired as a copy editor in 1992, I have worked for over 25 years copyediting or proofreading for many publishers and publishing services, including Hachette Books, PublicAffairs Press, Westview Press, Basic Books, CDS Books, Da Capo Press, Perseus Books, SPi Global, Cenveo Publisher Services, Marrathon Editorial Production Services, GGS PMG, ABC-CLIO, Sopris West, and Energy Futures, Inc.

The range of publications I have edited is equally broad: everything from autobiographies (e.g., Scott Ian, Rex Brown, Steve Gorman) to collections of essays (e.g., Michael Eric Dyson, Marjorie Williams) to economics and politics (George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski) to university textbooks on pretty much every subject (psychology, mathematics, geography, philosophy, English, etc.). Oh, and cookbooks ... so many cookbooks ... You can see more samples by clicking here.

I am capable of both traditional editing (using hard copy and the ubiquitous red pencil) and electronic editing, marking up Adobe Acrobat files (or any number of other e-files, including Word and many others). I charge the same rates regardless of the form in which the pages are edited.

My current rates for editing run roughly $25 per hour for proofreading and $30 per hour for copyediting; rush fees (including more than 60 pages per day or work over weekends for a tight publishing schedule) are generally $2 per hour beyond the normal rates. My fees are negotiable, however, so please contact me for additional information.

In addition to “normal” editing, I have also translated books from British to American English, including the American edition of Talking to Tweens for Da Capo Press and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend. I am certainly available for further translations between British and American (and the other way round).

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