Note that I am no longer involved much in print design; this page is here more to demonstrate previous experience and my web design qualifications.

I have been involved in both publication and web design for over 20 years. On the publication side, I have designed magazines and newspapers, as well as posters, advertising, and even CD covers. I have also designed or redesigned several websites, including both the visual and interactive layout and the background programming that makes the sites work (see my Programming section for more technical details).

My designs can include both non-electronic art and computer graphics, still or animated. I have the resources to take supplied art and utilize it within the overall design of the project. I am an expert in Adobe Photoshop and Quark XPress, and have worked with Illustrator and PageMaker as well as other design and layout programs. (Note: As I am an editor as well, I can take your project from manuscript through copyediting through design and finally proofreading, and even to press—as I have years of experience dealing with printers, including the entire bidding and hiring process.)

Web-wise, I have worked with the nuts and bolts of HTML and CSS programming for almost two decades, along with several other programming languages and scripts (including JQuery, Javascript and PHP) and with such web design programs as Dreamweaver and Flash, as well as databases such as MySQL and SQL. I am thus able to provide a well-designed and dynamic website for a relatively low cost, as I am able to move quickly and efficiently from one phase of a project to another.

Please contact me for current web development/design rates.

Examples of some of my design projects can be seen by clicking here; after all, a picture speaks volumes when it comes to design choices.

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