Programming samples

Below are programming samples (and, in some cases, links to sites) I have created over the years. These represent a small selection of my work.

Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine
Designed for Penumbric, 2002-2004, 2020-present. I designed the covers and interior layout of a "print"-style pdf and the "online" edition of this bi-monthly magazine. You can find the current issue at

Quantum Tiger Games and Extreme AI
Quantum Tiger Games' site designed for my AI and games company. Extreme AI is a personality engine designed to give game characters realistic personalities that change and develop over time. The code for this (and the games and demos listed on the site) was in C#. These projects are ongoing.

Manager: A Sports Management Mystery
Manager: ASMM is a text (and some images)-based game with many potential threads and multiple possible endings. It uses ExAI to control the personalities of over 60 characters, most deeply the seven AI managers and the head coach working for you. The demo/beta version is available for free from the QTG website.

The Telecommunications Virtual Museum
Designed for the Telecommunications History Group and the TVM partnership, 2004-2006. It is no longer online. I was the site designer and programmer, from initial ideas to creation of logo, site, etc. I implemented an updated version of my search engine (written variously in PERL and PHP, with MySQL as the database) to create a searchable set of pages for this intensely informational museum. Hand-coded in lovable Notepad!

Archives Month web site
Site designed and programmed for the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists (SRMA), 2004, 2005. I was also the creator of the posters for those years.

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