Why JG Designworks?                  I have over twenty years of experience with the
changing technologies of programming and design, and with the changing ways in which our language can be used not only to communicate, but to change the world. Mouse over or click the items below to learn about the many things I can do for you.
First hired as a copy editor in 1992, I have worked for 23 years copyediting or proofreading for many publishers and publishing services, including PublicAffairs Press, Westview Press, Basic Books, CDS Books, Da Capo Press, and Perseus Books; Cenveo Publisher Services; Marrathon Editorial Production Services; GGS PMG; ABC-CLIO; Sopris West; and Energy Futures, Inc.

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I have been involved in publication design for 23 years and web design for 19 years. On the publication side, I have designed magazines and newspapers, as well as posters, advertising, and even CD covers. I have also designed or redesigned several websites, including both the visual and interactive layout and the background programming that makes the sites work (see my Programming section for more technical details).

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Iíve created extensive web sites for the Telecommunications History Group and for Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine, and have done work for Immedient, Mad Watch Productions, and Centennial Publishing. I have developed applications for Pikes Peak National Bank and for Integrate Technology Institute, and created an artificial intelligence personality engine called Extreme AI.

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With a degree in Writing, including research and technical writing along with academic papers and fiction, and with years of published articles and some fiction behind me, I am available for researching and writing documents for clients.

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